Amazing Japanese football fans who cleaned up the stadium after the match


“Japan beats Colombia to make history after becoming the first Asian country to defeat a South American nation in the World Cup.” This would’ve been the headlines of all the newspapers around the world, if it were not for the amazing Japanese fans, who did some outstanding work and completely overshadowed the headlines.

The Japanese took social media by storm after defeating Colombia 2-1 in the first group stage match of the 2018 World Cup on Tuesday (June 19th), when a Twitter post, by the user @official433, went viral which captured Japanese fans picking up garbage and cleaning the stands after the match.

The Japanese national football team defeated Colombia 2-1 with the help of brilliant midfield performance from their maestro Shinji Kagawa, while cologne based German football club “1. FC Köln” striker, Yuya Osako ensured the vital three points after scoring a powerful header in the 73rd minute.

Usually, after a heated football match, the stands are left with food waste, cups, and wrappers scattered in the heat of the moment. However, Japanese didn’t let their passion of the game or joy of memorable win lead to neglect the fundamental values of their culture.

Manners shown by Japanese were catching up, as hours later, the Senegal fans stayed behind to clean up before leaving the stadium after their match against Poland. This act also went viral on social media.

This is not the first time when Japanese supporters have cleaned up the stadium themselves. Back in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, they stayed back after the match to pick up their own trash, even when their team lost awfully. By doing this, they demonstrated to the world that it is also possible to lose graciously and took sportsmanship to another level. After this move, they were hailed by local newspapers in Brazil as well as on social media.

Fans said that they do it to respect the host country, and to represent the spirit of Japan. Civil duties and orderliness are taken very seriously in Japan. Cleaning the school classrooms is also a part of their education because they believe that it teaches teamwork and allows us to appreciate others and environment. Many schools in Japan don’t employ janitors, instead, kids clean the school.

Football is termed as The Beautiful Game, and today Japan has given us a reason why it is called so.

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