Army helps a pregnant woman stuck in heavy snowfall in Kashmir

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On Friday 8th of February, the state of Jammu-Kashmir saw heavy snowfall in the northern part of Kashmir’s Bandipore district. The commander of the Panar army camp, located in the Bandipore district, received a call from a resident of the nearby village seeking help for his pregnant wife. His wife Gulshana Beghum needed to be taken to the hospital urgently, and with the conditions prevalent her husband was powerless. Due to the heavy snowfall he couldn’t do the task alone and so he asked the commander for help.

As per the statement made by an official, due to heavy snowfall the roads got blocked resultantly commuting through vehicles had become extremely arduous. Nonetheless, the army men managed to get the woman to the Bandipore hospital on time by carrying her on a stretcher for 2.5 kilometres from her residence until the roads were accessible. She was then taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

The army officials described the situation beforehand to the authorities and officials of the civil hospital, which allowed them to avoid any last minute chaos. After the primary check-up, it was declared by the doctors that she required a caesarean for which she was taken to the Sri Nagar hospital. She gave birth to a healthy pair of twin girls that night.

A similar incident also took place in Baramulla district too where a resident of the Rafiyabad area was taken to the maternity hospital personally by the Jammu-Kashmir police.

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