Young researchers from Turkey creates bio-plastic from olive seeds

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It is a well-known fact that plastic is dangerous to the environment at large. With the oceans getting polluted due to the daily plastic disposals, a lot of aquatic species have started getting endangered. The loss isn’t limited to aquatic species; such high level of plastic disposals are also harmful to animals and humans. But, as a society we have become so dependent on plastic products that imagining a life without them has become impossible.

There are numerous researchers working across the globe to find alternatives to plastic and to limit the use of the same. Among them are three researchers – Mehmet Amin Oz, Ahmet Fatih and Dyugu Yilmaz – based in Istanbul, Turkey who have been successful in developing an alternative to plastic. They have developed ‘bio-plastic’ which is prepared from Olive seeds and is completely environment friendly. This discovery was made possible by the use of cellulose present in Olive seeds.

As per the interview to BBC Future, Mehmet says that their discovery is very important because they create this plastic by using the waste produced in the production of Olive oil. And hence they are optimally utilizing waste products to create something invaluable like bio-plastic.

Currently these bio-plastics are used in the electronics and food packing industries. As per one finding, 1 kg bio-plastic prepared from the Olive seeds reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide by as much as 6 times.

This group of friends started working on this project in a small laboratory at home, their experiments failed numerous times initially. But without losing faith they continued with their experiment, and were finally successful in creating bio-plastic. Till date, they have successfully created 3.5 tons of bio-plastic out of 5 tons of Olive seeds and are currently running an organization named ‘Biolive’.

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