‘Madadgaar’ helpline by CRPF – a source of relief for Kashmiris across the country

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Lives of more than 40 CRPF soldiers were taken in the bombings which happened in Kashmir a few days ago. This tragedy has led to numerous cases of harassment of Kashmir folks residing in various parts of the country. As a measure to counter this, the CRPF has taken the initiative to help the Kashmiris by setting up a helpline number-14411 named ‘Madadgaar’. This helpline has helped at least 250 Kashmir students and workers in these times of despair and is accessible to them around the country.

Post the tragic Pulwama attack, Kashmiris enrolled in various educational institution across the nation, faced slack due to the unjust stigmatisation done by certain sections of the society. This became a cause of concern for a lot of them who contemplated going back to Kashmir. The CRPF through its Madadgaar helpline has helped such students return to their homes safely.

Till date there have been approximately 70 such cases reported wherein Kashmiri employees and students have availed the Madadgaar service in various regions of the country. As per the tweet from the official CRPF handle, more than 250 Kashmiri students have been provided with food and living quarters in Jammu. Moreover, as per a press release given by them, students from Delhi, Dehradun and Chandigarh have been relocated safely in Jammu.

Operations IG of CRPF, Zulfiqar Hasan said on Tuesday that they are taking immense caution about the safety concerns of Kashmiri students in various regions of the country. He further added that everything is under control, and assured that help will be provided to any student who calls the helpline. To propagate awareness regarding the same, approximately 1000 posters have been put up in various parts of Delhi.

An NGO named ‘Khaalsa Aid’ has aligned itself with CRPF to help this great cause. A member associated with the organisation informed that there were quite a few students in Dehradun who contacted the organisation as they wanted to go back to Kashmir for safety reasons. A team from Chandigarh was sent to rescue these students. Apart from this, 8 Kashmiri women were sent home through flights, the complete cost of which was taken up by the NGO itself.

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