Fahmida Begum, a symbol of intense determination and industriousness

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Fahmida Begum, a resident of Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh has turned around her fortunes with intense hard work, valour and determination. By defeating her poverty, she has become a symbol of hope and a role model for everyone around. With her determination, she has managed to bring her village to the forefront of the country and it won’t be wrong to claim that she has been successful in making it a brand.

This inspiring story got incepted 10 years ago. After the death of her husband, the onus of taking care of the household was on Fahmida Begum’s shoulders. Because of the financial constraints, she took up labour work and sometimes carried out chores in the houses of those who were economically well-off. But she wanted to do more in life, she says that as her father used to work on handlooms, she too decided to follow her father’s footsteps. And so she started working on the handloom and sold the commodities she produced in the market.


She took a certain sum of money as a loan to kick-start her work. Her products such as her bedsheets were so exquisite that people used to get awestruck when they saw her work. It is because of this that her work has found a standing in national and international fairs.

After seeing the fruits of her hard work, she made an organization named ‘Ek Parivartan’ along with the poor and the needy women of her village and started working with them. The organization’s work had such a humongous outreach that people from faraway places began to contact them with business prospects. This resulted into Fahmida Begum’s work becoming a brand in its own right.

Today National and International handloom festivals across the nation demand the products made by Fahmida Begum. She has received numerous recognition awards for her work too. Taking the inspiration from Fahmida Begum, other women from her village are also taking up self-employment initiatives by forming such organizations. Fahmida Begum’s daughter says that it is with a lot of struggle and determination that her mother has been able to achieve this feat, and she hasn’t received any form of government aid till date. The livelihood earned by the women working in the organisation has helped them in turning their fortunes around too, and they are now capable of sustaining their families on their own.

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