Government bans junk food advertisements to curb obesity in London.

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Considering the serious health issues of the citizens of London, the advertisements pertaining to various junk foods have been banned by the government. From this week onwards, all posters related to food containing excessively high amounts of fat, salt and/or sugar contents will be removed from both the over ground and the underground bus stands and busses. As per the guidelines formulated under ‘Public Health England’ any edible product which may cause harm to human health will be covered under this new rule. Items which aren’t harmful like non-synthetic nuts, and sugar-free beverages have been exempted.

Today, London has the highest number of obese people in all of Europe. A substantial number of young children are overweight in London, as of now 40% of children aged 10-11 are obese, which is a cause of great concern.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, said in a press conference that he knows the major roles that advertisements play in one’s life, and how it affects one’s choices. According to him, in a city as prosperous as London, things like where you live and how much you make don’t really matter. But how much do you invest in your health and nutritious diet is of grave importance. He further added that with the support of the masses he wishes to curb the ‘ticking time bomb’ of child obesity in the city.
This ban is applicable on things like busses, tube networks, taxis, private rental vehicles, dial-a-ride, Victoria coach stations, TFL run train networks and the roads and bus stops controlled by it, to name a few.

The office of the mayor released a statement stating that it is the mayor’s firm belief that this ban will not only stop the children from coming into contact with junk food advertisements but also help the citizens of London to choose a healthy diet for themselves and their families.

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