Lucknow exhibits the true Indian idea of Unity in Diversity

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A few days ago, a video went viral in which a Kashmiri man was getting beaten up by a mob in Lucknow. With the help of the locals and the police, the culprits were identified and arrested. And since then , the locals have shown unceasing solidarity with the Kashmiri folks and have helped create a sense of security for them.

Two days post the attack, people started turning up in large numbers in the dry fruit shops of the Kashmiris and started bulk buying as a form support. These small acts of love and solidarity exhibit the culture of Lucknow and the Indian idea of Unity in diversity.

Abdus Salam, a Kashmiri shop owner there, told THE HINDU that he has been a resident of Lucknow for the past 10 years and this is the first incident of hate crime that his community faced in the past decade. He showed his gratitude to the police for capturing the culprits and to all the social workers and institutions who helped his community in the testing times.

Afzal Naik, another Kashmiri shopkeeper, said that the assaulter called them stone-pelters before beating them up. He says that it is because of the support given by the police and locals that they could open their shop again and continue with their business in Lucknow.

Patriotism is in fact that people of the country support one another in the times of misery and celebrate together in the times of joy. By showing solidarity with the Kashmiris, and by helping catch the culprits, the people of Lucknow have shown what true patriotism is. Popular Urdu poet Allama Iqbal expresses a similar thought in Tarana-e-Hindi:

saare jahāñ se achchhā hindostāñ hamārā
ham bulbuleñ haiñ is kī ye gulsitāñ hamārā
maz.hab nahīñ sikhātā aapas meñ bair rakhnā
hindī haiñ ham vatan hai hindostāñ hamārā

The people of Lucknow have proved that India is a symbol of unity in diversity. Here, people having different languages, cultures, religions and ideas stand united and can’t be possibly separated in any circumstances.

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