New Zealand gives a message of peace and humanity in the wake of terrorist attack.

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In the wake of the terrorist attack at the Christchurch mosques in New Zealand, the entire world came together to mourn the deaths of around 50 people and showed solidarity with the families of the victims. With the growing anti-muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments in the country, the prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, visited the families of the victims, and gave a message of humanity to the world at large.

As a gesture of solidarity, Prime Minister Ardern went in a hijab to meet with the families of the victims and gave her condolences to them. This made her a beacon on positive politics in the times of despair. People on twitter have expressed that politicians and world leaders across the globe should learn the lessons of compassion and love from her. Her act of kindness and inclusion has captured the hearts of everyone.


After meeting with the families of the victims, Ardern made a statement saying “We represent diversity, compassion and mercy. This country is their home, which believes in our values, this is the home of the refugees, who need it.”

Ardern ordered to have national broadcast of Azaan – Islamic call for prayer – and the Friday sermon, as a gestures of solidarity to both Muslims in the nation and throughout the world. A lot of citizens turned up at various mosques in the country wearing hijabs and offered namaz to show unity in such testing times.

Addressing the Muslim community at a meeting held in memory of the victims near the Al-Noor mosque, Prime Minister Ardern said, “New Zealand expresses sympathy with you, we are one.” Since the attack, Ardern has banned all semi-automatic weapons in order to ensure such acts of terror don’t take place in future.

Jacinda Ardern became the Prime Minister in the month of October, 2017. The elections resulted with ‘labour party’ – led by her – being second but she came to power after forming a coalition with the Peterson led first party of New Zealand.

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