Dubai set to house the world’s biggest Solar Power Plant

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Today, in order to conserve the environment countries across the globe have shifted to renewable energy sources to produce electricity.  Dubai is about to become the world leader in this area, as the nation has taken up the mammoth task of creating the world’s biggest solar park. The plant has been named, ‘Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maqtoom Solar Park’ after the current Prime Minister of the UAE. As of now, China is home to the world’s largest solar park which produces 1547 Megawatts of electricity.

The estimated cost of the plant is Rs. 95 thousand 200 crores and is expected to provide electricity to 13 lakh households. Thanks to the plant, the carbon emission of Dubai will go down by 65 lakh tons. The project was announced in the year 2012, at the time ‘Dubai Energy and Water Authority’ said that the project will take more time than it took to erect the Burj Khailfa – which got erected in 6 years.

Currently, the first and second phase of this solar plant has been completed. In these phases, 23 lakh solar cells have been used, with a total capacity of 213 MW. The third phase of the project is also underway, which will require 3 million solar cells. After the fourth phase gets completed, the total electricity generation will be 1963 MW.

The issue of formation of sand layers on the machine is a major concern which had to be addressed. The modules would get directly impacted through sand which may cause decline in the electricity production, but the attached ‘operator robotic cleaning system’ will ensure immediate corrective measures to clear the sand on the solar cell and to maintain the plant’s efficiency. This undertaking is expected to be completed by 2030, with the capacity to produce 5000 megawatts of electricity.

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