Bike Ambulance: A new innovation to help village patients


Four students of Madhya Pradesh’s Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Engineering College have invented bike-ambulance which can smoothly travel in the narrow and congested roads of villages and reach the patients on time.

Residents of Zabua, Pappu Tahed, Ved Prakash, Premkishor Tomar and Sonu Kumar created the vehicle at a minimal cost of Rs. 14,000. They say, “ There was no ambulance service in the village and so patients did not receive timely treatment. Together we decided to bring a solution to this problem and so we came up with an ambulance powered by a bike.”

The sidecar of the bike has been equipped with a wheeled stretcher, a first aid kit, and an oxygen cylinder to provide comfort to the patients. Students say that in just 15 minutes this ambulance can be detached from one bike and attached to another bike. Interestingly, the innovation is such that any motorcycle can be converted into a bike-ambulance, the only requirements are three small appliances called V-Clamp. It also contains a shade to prevent patients from getting a sunburn.

Speaking about how the ambulance was developed, the students said each and every part was tested during the initial phases of the invention. Many things had to be replaced and modified. But now they have finally achieved perfection. They feel, though bike-ambulances have been in use previously also, but none were as cheap and user friendly as theirs. The best part about the ambulance is that it can be detached from the bike anytime, and one can use it independently. Similarly, a bike can be converted into an ambulance very easily and can be used to help patients.

Improper roads of the village couldn’t accommodate a big transport vehicle like an ambulance, and so the patients had to suffer more because of this. The bike-ambulance has been successful in addressing this problem and bringing about a change.

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