Bhartbhai and his team undertaking to reduce the pollution levels in Rajkot city

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Rajkot’s Bharatbhai Sureja and his team of ‘Nature and Adventure Club’ have started tree plantation drives to make their city healthier and cleaner. He has undertaken a unique campaign by creating Oxygen Parks in 4 different lands of the corporation in the nanamwa area’s Jivrajpark.

Rajkot city is converting into a concrete jungle in the name of development. Due to increasing settlements in the city, the requirement of two trees per household is not getting fulfilled. Because of this, Bharatbhai and his team have started this campaign in the government lands across the different areas of the city. According to one estimate, if there are around 3 thousand trees in an area, the heat declines by approximately 7 degrees. Now, he has taken up the mammoth task to grow 95 different kinds of trees in 4 thousand square meters of government land emulating the Japanese system. The campaign has also seen contribution from many schools of the city. The Oxygen park has tress like Harde, Behada, mango trees and 4 types of bamboos among others.

Using unutilised government spaces and planting trees there can increase the oxygen levels in the city and decrease pollution levels substantially. And without a doubt, Bharatbhai and his team are doing a commendable job in this area.

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