19 year old KS Ananthakrishna decorated with a position in Facebook’s ‘hall of fame’


KS Ananthakrishna , a 19 year old student of B.Tech at Pathanamthitta Mount Zion College of Engineering, has been bestowed with a great honour from Facebook for identifying a major bug with the messaging service WhatsApp.

According to the media reports, Ananthakrishna noticed a bug on WhatsApp about two months ago. This bug could could allow any third party to permanently remove a user’s file without her/his consent. He informed Facebook about this and proposed a solution. Two months later, Facebook decided to reward him for his contribution in keeping the users’ data secure.

He has been decorated with a dollar 500 cash price along with a place in their ‘hall of fame’. His name is in the 80th position in the list of folks Facebook is thankful to. Each year Facebook acknowledges such people for their unique contributions to the company in this manner.

Besides this, he also has research experience in the methods of ethical hacking, and regularly helps the Kerala police in the field of cyber securities. He has shown the whole nation how to use one’s education and expertise in a productive manner to help the society. 

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